Paper War is a shooting game that the player controls a hero, kill as many enemies as possible before time runs out.

Player will control the hero by pressing “RIGHT” to move right, “LEFT” to move left, “UP” to jump. The hero will face right or left depending on the position of mouse, and his right hand will rotate to aim at the target of the position of mouse. You can fire bullets by click the mouse. There are three weapons can be chosen, press “1” to select the first weapon, press “2” to select the second weapon, press “3” to select the third weapon. As you can see on the top left of the screen, there is also a moving dot around the icon of weapon you have chosen. Be careful that each weapon has only 150 bullets, if you use up all the bullets, you can not fire any more. A bullet supply box will come down from the top of the window randomly, try to get it, then the number of each weapon’s bullets will go back to 150. Be careful that there will appear a red object moving from right to left of the window randomly, you need to jump to void this object.Enemies will appear from both sides of the window, each enemy has a HP of three, you need to fire at least 3 bullets to kill it and get scores. If the hero is hit by the enemies or the moving object, his HP will reduce by 1, if HP comes to 0, game is over.When the time counts down to 0, the game ends as well.

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